My Coffee Tradition

I admit that I am an almost daily visitor to Modern Coffee Bars like Starbucks or Costa. It is like a daily life savior for me to keep me going with my kids and my daily chores. I am very basic when it comes to my Coffee. I always buy a skimmed milk Café latte. […]

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My daughter’s Lunchbox

  One of the main things that all mothers are always concerned about, is offering their kids healthy And tasty food everyday. Preparing the lunchbox everyday for a five years old picky eater girl is not an easy job at all. Not only does she get bored so easily, but sometimes she loves what her friends […]

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How did I lose all baby weight??

Before getting pregnant with my son, I thought that losing weight and getting back in shape after the second pregnancy is kind of impossible. When i got pregnant with him, I gained 16 kilograms, which is still within the average. The problem is that I gained weight lately while breastfeeding. I was always craving something […]

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