Let’s start the Journey…

After posting last week’s blog, Sharing Thoughts…. I wanted to learn more about the word “Success“. What does it mean to be successful and who sets the criteria. Why some people believe they will never be successful. I started to search online for lectures, seminars and if there are any books that I could buy. I […]

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Nostalgic to BOOKS

Do you know Nostalgia? It is when you miss something about the past or a personal desire to return to a thought or a specific time. One of the things that I feel nostalgic to is BOOKS. Reading a specific book reminds me with all the memories accompanied with reading this book. So if I […]

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Mindfulness Reading

What is Mindfulness Many of us have heard and read about the word “Mindfulness”. The first thing that comes to your mind is meditation. But Mindfulness is just about everything you do in your life. You can do any activity mindfully. since I love reading, and that is my passion. I am gonna talk about […]

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