Parenting now & then

I want to go back in time, not only to be a kid one more time having no responsibilities,no worries and just having fun. Not only because I miss my family so much but because I believe that parenting was less complicated. I can’t say that it was easier, but I am quite sure that […]

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Pause & Reflect

After having my daughter, I started unconsciously reviewing myself as a parent every night. I used to always ask myself questions about my ways of parenting like How did I react when Thalla asked me this?, I should have answered in a different way  OR I should have said that instead of this OR I […]

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Kids on Flight

As an expat mother, you definitely know that my life involves a lot of traveling. So handling two kids on the plane is not an easy thing at all and requires lots of work and LUCK. Sometimes my kids are angels and they are pleased with whatever i give them to play with or even […]

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