One day while I was waiting with my daughter for her school bus. She asked me “Why are you not dropping me like my other friends to school?”. I told her because I don’t have a car. So she said very furiously “I hate the bus and i don’t want to go to school by […]

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Miscarriage at 13 weeks 💔

  I missed blogging so much, but the past three months were not easy at all. It is pretty obvious from the title what I will share with you today. I would love to share what I have been through because it wasn’t easy at all and I want to share everything I have learnt […]

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My Workout Routine

When I was pregnant with my son two years ago, I gained 16 kilograms and I struggled really hard after delivery to lose them. I started eating healthy food right after delivery but breastfeeding was not helping at all ( I was always craving something sweet). I started to feel so down, couldn’t wear anything. […]

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