Sharing Thoughts….

I am a day dreamer. I spend a lot of time thinking and observing everything around me. I never get bored to just sit down and observe. I can say that this is my number one hobby. I remember at school I was acting as if I am totally alert to what the teacher was […]

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As far as I remember, I have been always scared of snakes. But it was different than anyone to an extent that people around me never understood my fear and my panic attacks and they used to make fun of it. They thought that I was overreacting. I used to hear sentences like “Of course, […]

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Coffee Break

Finally my daughter is asleep for school, made her lunch box for tomorrow and got a Disney movie for my son ( hopefully he will let me finish). I thought about having a coffee break with you and tell you some facts about me. I am a Libra person, I was born in 1988. I […]

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