Boys & Girls

It has been a while since I have written a blog. It has been like three weeks or so, but the last three weeks were very hard for me and I do not know when it is gonna end 😔. I spent most of the time in the hospital and it was the first time […]

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Parenting now & then

I want to go back in time, not only to be a kid one more time having no responsibilities,no worries and just having fun. Not only because I miss my family so much but because I believe that parenting was less complicated. I can’t say that it was easier, but I am quite sure that […]

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Pregnancy Cravings

  Most of us hear funny stories about prgnancy cravings and wonder whether it is real or not. I have always seen pregnancy cravings in movies and it is always to funny things and I have read so many funny stories myself. I remember my grandmother used to always say that if a pregnant woman […]

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Pause & Reflect

After having my daughter, I started unconsciously reviewing myself as a parent every night. I used to always ask myself questions about my ways of parenting like How did I react when Thalla asked me this?, I should have answered in a different way  OR I should have said that instead of this OR I […]

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Invest in Myself as a SAHM

As a stay at home mother, I always feel like I want to invest in myself and keep my knowledge expanded. I always feel like I have to work on myself more than before so I won’t feel mentally blocked. I want to always feel updated and informative. After having my daughter I felt that […]

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Mother & Daughter Talk

I am always working on the relationship I want to have with my kids. I want to be their best friend and secret keeper. I know that there will come a day where they will not share their secrets with me anymore, or I will not be the first one to talk to. My kids […]

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My Workout Routine

When I was pregnant with my son two years ago, I gained 16 kilograms and I struggled really hard after delivery to lose them. I started eating healthy food right after delivery but breastfeeding was not helping at all ( I was always craving something sweet). I started to feel so down, couldn’t wear anything. […]

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