Positive Psychology Lecture

I have written a blog before about the misconception of positive thinking. How some people perceive positive thinking as happiness ONLY. In that blog I stated that I believe that positive thinking appears the most when a person is feeling down. It is how you will react throughout the hardest times or worst times. Whether […]

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My Coffee Tradition

I admit that I am an almost daily visitor to Modern Coffee Bars like Starbucks or Costa. It is like a daily life savior for me to keep me going with my kids and my daily chores. I am very basic when it comes to my Coffee. I always buy a skimmed milk Café latte. […]

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My Restart Button

So lately, I wasn’t that kind of a person that I know. I wasn’t myself at all. I am lazy most of the times, quickly getting tired and annoyed and wasting most of my time doing nothing. I was waking up everyday and say “Okay, Today I will do so and so and so and […]

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Invest in Myself as a SAHM

As a stay at home mother, I always feel like I want to invest in myself and keep my knowledge expanded. I always feel like I have to work on myself more than before so I won’t feel mentally blocked. I want to always feel updated and informative. After having my daughter I felt that […]

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My Workout Routine

When I was pregnant with my son two years ago, I gained 16 kilograms and I struggled really hard after delivery to lose them. I started eating healthy food right after delivery but breastfeeding was not helping at all ( I was always craving something sweet). I started to feel so down, couldn’t wear anything. […]

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My daughter’s Lunchbox

  One of the main things that all mothers are always concerned about, is offering their kids healthy And tasty food everyday. Preparing the lunchbox everyday for a five years old picky eater girl is not an easy job at all. Not only does she get bored so easily, but sometimes she loves what her friends […]

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Coffee Break

Finally my daughter is asleep for school, made her lunch box for tomorrow and got a Disney movie for my son ( hopefully he will let me finish). I thought about having a coffee break with you and tell you some facts about me. I am a Libra person, I was born in 1988. I […]

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