Supportive Home

Do you have a vision as a mother for your kids? What vision do you have for raising your kids. I haven’t thought about it before. I thought that raising my kids and taking care of them everyday is the hardest job ever and I considered myself a superhero ☺️. We all are of  course, but I would really stop regretting having a bad day with my kids when they fall asleep.

Recently, after reading so many books in parenting, I figured out that I must include a vision for raising my kids. I must put a purpose for raising them. And to be honest, it helps me alot when they are giving me a hard time.  I always remind myself with the bigger picture and I calm down. Yes, sometimes things are out of control like now for instance my boy wants to eat the only thing that we don’t have at home and he is having a tantrum🙄🙄. Before, I used to lock myself in the room and keeps crying out of stress or scream 🙈. But now I gave him some options before I go to the room. He stopped crying and insteas he was thinking what to pick. Not only that, but my daughter went to help him decide.

Time to share with you my vision.My vision is to build a supportive environment for my kids. You might think “ Dah! That is normal” No, trust me. I thought the same too. Without reminding myself with this vision, I am having a very stressful day with my kids. I want them to rush to me whenever they have a problem because they are 100% sure that I will support them no matter what. I want them to be raised in a warm house filled with support, love and positive environment. This is the best I can do to shape a good personality. But how to provide a supportive environment??…

  • The first thing is make them feel appreciated and accepted for who they are both verbally and unverbally.
  • Understand each personality and accept that they are different in characters. Stop comparing them with anyone else even their siblings.
  • Seek the talent in each one of them.
  • Encourage them to speak their minds and share their feelings.
  • LOVE
  • Keep sharing with them your thoughts and the values You want them to learn.
  • Communicate all the time and be creative with it. For example: play an interview or make questionnaires or go for a walk or have a drink in a coffee or even act as if you are in a restaurant and play together.

I keep reminding myself everyday with this vision so I can work on it. When I wake up and forget about it, our day is kind of a routine (and it is not a fruitful one at all). My only goal is to feed them and keep them clean. But when I remind myself with the BIG PICTURE. I start my day with more energy and positivity, I know how to utilize our day together productively. I invent games with them, talk more with them and most of all HAVE FUN ♥️♥️



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