Let’s start the Journey…

After posting last week’s blog, Sharing Thoughts…. I wanted to learn more about the word “Success“. What does it mean to be successful and who sets the criteria. Why some people believe they will never be successful. I started to search online for lectures, seminars and if there are any books that I could buy. I wrote the names of the books that I will look for in the book store and I planned for a big study about the word “Success”. Before moving from my seat, I found a book right next to me that I have bought few months ago and I hadn’t read (Another hobby of mine is collecting books without reading them).


It is “3 THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO” book by John C. Maxwell. John C. Maxwell is my favorite author. I cannot visit the bookstore without buying one or two of his books. I always feel so motivated whenever I finish reading one of his books. I started reading the book and from the first page I felt like “THIS IS THE BOOK”. This is the book that I will start with my journey of the word Success. Just to clarify I am not looking for a book to tell me how to be successful, I want to understand this word. What does it mean and who set the criteria if a person is successful or not, and successful in what way and based on what?. That is my aim for the study.


Back to the book, I was kind of relieved when I read that the word SUCCESS is misunderstood by most of the people. We assume that this person is successful or not by looking at the end result, the achievement. We call Steve Jobs or Bill Gates successful people. But we don’t look from where did they start and when did they feel successful. As quoted from the book “Success is a journey“. Success starts from the moment that you discover you want to do something. It starts when you discover what is special about you and you will invest in it. Success is not only about Wealth, Power or Achievements.

SUCCESS starts with a spark, a feeling that Allah created each one of us with a certain purpose. An urge deep within that you want to do something. Once you identify your goal, you start work on yourself in order to achieve it. From this point, you are successful. The fact that you know your way, that you have a vision for your life, this is the achievement. Success is not only a famous actor or a famous football player. I believe this is a misleading idea about being successful and it does nothing but depression to those who cannot be as successful as those people. This is a stereotype, that being successful is all about money and fame. No, There is a successful teacher, employee, mother,….etc. We don’t have to be famous and have pictures in the newspapers.

One last thing about being successful was mentioned in the book “HELPING OTHERS”. John C. Maxwell stated that Albert Schweitzer said ” The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”. That is why I love John Maxwell, he always insists that helping others is very important and it is for your own good.

I am still enjoying the book that i want to re read it once I am done with it. This book answered the main question I had in mind. Success is different from a person to the other. Each one of us has his own potentials, his own circumstances, his own dream. What is common between all of us is the Journey we will enjoy taking to achieve our Dreams.



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