Sharing Thoughts….

I am a day dreamer. I spend a lot of time thinking and observing everything around me. I never get bored to just sit down and observe. I can say that this is my number one hobby. I remember at school I was acting as if I am totally alert to what the teacher was saying but I am in a world far away from her, the classroom and school. I was in my own world that I have made.

One of the things that I think about the most, is how some people are successful than others. What is so different about them?. What is the extra thing they are doing to become successful. I believe that we are all special. That Allah has created each one of us with a special gift. The fact that we are differentiated with our brain from any other creature, makes me positive that everyone is special. Everyone of us has his own characteristics that never shares with anyone, like a signature. So why are some people successful while others are not?. How did they find their way and from where did they started.

I believe we are all creative. Each one of us has his strength points and has a potential to do something. So where is the turning point?. I will start with myself. The most important thing is to be fully confident that I am talented, that I have a special gift. I must exert more effort to dig deep in my personality to find out. I should work hard to discover myself. I must keep convincing myself that I am not a normal person. I must stop wasting my time.


Life is all about Trial and Error. First, I am must accept that I will not find the right way from the first time. I must accept that failure will lead me to the right path. I have to face the real outer world around me. I must accept taking risks and be more adventurous. Am I a blogger OR an artist, OR …. ??!!! Until this moment, i love to do both things. I love to write and share my thoughts through the blog and the pictures I take. I love reading so much and write what I feel and what I have learnt. I adore drawing (even that I still have to work on my fine lines).  I hadn’t decided yet, but I do not want to stop trying and working on both. I work on my calligraphy skills, Mandala drawing, acrylic painting and I read more books and blogs to be able to write better.

Number two key is Knowledge. Not only for the sake of discovering more about yourself, but for the sake of enjoying the journey of life. I am a big believer of “reading gives you more than one life to live”. Reading more about history, evolution, human development, novels and the society will inspire us. It will open the doors that were unnoticeable. Reading more biographies shows us that those successful people that we are inspired with, were one day normal people just like me. They may have been living a harder life.

Our souls are like caves, full of treasures but need to be discovered. We need to have the courage and find out what is inside. We need to recognize our strength points. We will never know how strong we are, until we face a real danger. We will never know how confident we are, until we face a real temptation and until we go through hard times.

Trust that we came to this world for a specific reason and to do something remarkable. We came to this world with certain capabilities and special talents. We came to make a difference.


Book Suggestions: 

  • I am Malala.
  • Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.
  • Steve Jobs.
  • Einstein: His life and Universe.
  • Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo.
  • The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

I read only I am Malala and Steve jobs. I found the other books on Amazon and I am willing to buy them soon. I thought about sharing with you my book list for the next months.



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