As far as I remember, I have been always scared of snakes. But it was different than anyone to an extent that people around me never understood my fear and my panic attacks and they used to make fun of it. They thought that I was overreacting. I used to hear sentences like “Of course, snakes are scary but not to that extent” OR “We are all scared of it but not if we saw it on TV”.

What I was and still going through is very overwhelming for me. But I never thought to search about it or it would be something. I PANIC if I see a picture of any kind of reptiles on TV or in a magazine “BY ACCIDENT”. And as you can see I am trying as much as I can to not to mention or write the name. I would truly scream, shiver, cry and feel like I cannot breathe. I close my eyes and try as much as I can to forget what I have seen. The picture may keeps haunting me for a while. It takes some time to feel okay.

Is this Normal? Does anyone else feel the same? Do I look silly in front of everyone?. I started to make fun of myself in front of everyone as a shield. But I never thought of sharing it with anyone, how i really feel, how it is really hard and how I really suffer and I am not overreacting. Until one day, I saw a post on Facebook, someone was complaining of a commercial with a picture of a snake and he suffers from Ophidiophobia (Phobia of snakes). What??…Phobia of snakes…Is this true …..Is It a thing …there is someone else like me? I started to read the comments and there were so many people going through the same. I started to search over the internet and I was surprised with the list of phobias people suffer from. I started to read more about my phobia and I felt relieved that it is a normal thing. I am not trying to work on it but the fact that I am not overreacting made me feel better.

Since I have read so many articles about phobias. I have to mention that I suffer from another phobia or fear. I have fear of flying or Aerophobia. I am so anxious during flying. I never enjoy the trip and I keep looking around, wondering how people watch movies, sleep or simply relax. I can’t do that at all. I always take a book with me but no matter how long the trip is, I am always stuck to the exact page no more. I didn’t know I have that kind of phobia until I traveled with my husband to Qatar. Preparing for the summer vacation with our families is never fun for me. What first comes to my mind is the flight. As an expat, this is not fun at all.

The most important thing about this blog post is not that I am informing you about my phobias or that I am sharing what i fear from. It is about sharing how I felt when I talked about how I really feel unhesitatingly. When I was confident to talk and share. The fact of talking to someone that cares about you makes everything easier. I felt so relieved when i found someone else feeling the same like me. I wish I would have taken a screenshot from our comments. Look for someone to listen to you, be confident to talk about whatever you feel. We are all going through something but we are reluctant to share. We’d rather look strong and confident than sharing our weak points. Trust me, It is good to share what you feel. It feels good.



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