A New Calligraphy Canvas (with a story behind)…

One of the best feelings ever is to have a friend that totally believe in you and your talent. She is always pushing me to do something and always makes me feel proud about yourself.

She asked me to draw those four Canvas a month ago, just to give me all the time I need. Even though she thought she is asking me while I am not in the mood to do anything. But the fact that she despite all the other options she has, she still trusted me and asked me to draw for those four calligraphies to give them as a gift.

You never imagine how lucky I am to have you in my life. A friend that is asking for nothing but to keep you in her life. No matter how blue you are, she loves you and she always supports you. You will always keep me mesmerized with the goddess in you ♥️♥️A1CE7CEB-996D-4165-BB50-52184BD2F555


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