Holiday is here….

FD135CFC-1201-480C-A787-25C458DCAC35So my daughter is finally done with both her Year 1 exams at school and the Taekwondo’s belt assessment. I don’t have to say how hard those two weeks were. Not to mention that we are in Ramadan and Ramadan’s days are very short. Plus I love spending my days in Ramadan reading Quran and praying. It was really lovely last year because we didn’t have school and I was able to have benefit of Ramadan to the most ♥️. But this year, Thanks to my daughter’s school, I wasn’t able to do anything but studying with my daughter. After a week of chaos and doing nothing but playing and jumping over the couch” which is fun of course, and that’s what childhood is all about”. I decided I want to make a fun daily schedule with my kids.

So I went to the bookstore, I bought my kids’ favorite things from there and started our fun journey together.

I start my day with them with a very funny yoga video on YouTube. It is a storytelling plus  yoga  instructing. So it was a very good choice for my son to help him learn new words.   After we finished this stretching/ yoga/ storytelling time, we started the coloring and drawing phase.


Coloring and drawing are my kids’ favorite. I started drawing for them some shapes and they color it or ask them to draw something specific like a car or an apple and I color it. This activity was so much fun, because I felt like my son was gaining confidence that he can draw just like his sister and I am coloring his drawing and making it even better. I have to tell you that this activity took soooo long. My kids didn’t want to stop coloring and drawing at all. They just wanted to spend the rest of the day drawing.

A lovely thing that I would love to share with you is the two books I bought for my daughter.

“The Kids’ BOOK of PUZZLES”. I noticed that this kind of mind games were my daughter’ favorite in her homework at school. So the moment my eyes were dropped on this book, I bought it right away. The good thing is the vocabulary used in this book is easy for her to read and she already knows them. I am so happy she is enjoying her time with this book. The other book “Big Book For Fun” is very interesting as well. It includes fun comic disney stories and some coloring and drawing activities. It is very reasonable for her age.

After playing and having fun with books and colors and reading some stories. I give them an hour or two to just plaaaaaaaaay and enjoy their time. I let them have fun and make a mess on one condition, they clean up after they are done. In these two hours there are no rules, I don’t ask them to do anything. Just have fun.

At the end of the day, we watch some Islamic videos and Listen to some Quran for kids.

So this is how we spend our day at home. It will be totally different of course if we go out for a while. But these past two days it was really hot and it wasn’t easy to go out that much. So I hope that our day would inspire you with your activities. It will be so much fun, if you would inspire me with your ideas ” How do you spend your day with your kids”.


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