The Scary Creature (a story by Thalla)

Thalla, my 6 years old daughter, asked me to post her story on my blog. She came yesterday to me and told me “Mommy, I want to write a story about a creepy creature and you post it on your blog”.

So as I promised her, This is the story. (Please encourage her as I am gonna let her read your comments).

” A Creacher (Creature) is very scary but sometimes one of them is friendly to us. Suddenly we heard a strange sound out the windows and it was a strange creature, AAAAAAA!!!!!

But it was a friendly one. We prepared for him his bed, a chair and some toys. We gave him a tooth brush and the CREACHER (Creature) loved the things. He loved us to stay with us and we had so much fun”.

The end.

This blog is mainly to encourage my daughter. She loves reading and telling stories so much. She is an expert in making up stories. She has a good imagination and she never stops talking. Lately, I found out that the more I read for her moral stories, the less she likes Disney princesses. Last year, she was fond of Moana and Elsa and she made us bought for her all the Disney princess’ dolls, books and dresses. But this year she started to dislike them and she wants to hear moral stories instead.

If this is gonna be my daughter’s hobby, I will be more than proud of her. But we are still in the stage of discovering and shaping  her personality and what she likes the most. May be she wanted to write a blog just to do the same like me. I don’t know but no matter what she chooses to be, I will always be by her side.




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