Think about Change

Let’s take a new challenge in our lives. Let’s make our days take a new path and has a new pattern. Let’s think about CHANGE…..

Change?! What a CREEPY word yeah ?. We talk a lot about change, We advise to change but do we really change. NO, We fear CHANGE. And what kind of change are we talking about exactly? Changing ourselves or changing other people? Most of us want change everything just in our thoughts. We want to change the world, the people around us, our lives. We dream about, but we rarely do it because we are scared. Scared of what?, I don’t know. May be we are scared from the result. May be because it is a genuine thing that we fear the unknown. Or may be we are jut pleased with the way we are and we got used to it. So Why To CHANGE!!!

We do not have to change our lives, but let’s at least think about changing ourselves to the better. This will not only make us feel good about ourselves, but will give a good image to our kids to follow, to copy, to imitate, to look for and will be reflected as well in our society.

It is really easy to see our flaws in other people. It is really easy to criticize and  give advise to other people ( Preferably in PUBLIC ). Most of the times this advice is really rude and destructive, because the main aim of it is to feel better about ourselves when we reveal others’ flaws. We give ourselves the right to judge and advise. We are always looking at others and how they live, how they spend their money, how they parent their kids …,etc.

Please do not fall in this trap. Do not look at yourself as MR or MRS FLAWLESS, stop criticizing and instead let’s put this energy in something better. Do you still remember the challenge I have mentioned in the first line? So let’s explain it. It is actually a very interesting challenge. Let us work on ourselves and change ourselves into a better person. Yes, we will not be better in one day. But at least the aim of working on your flaws and trying hard to change them, will make you feel better. The process itself will entertain you and you may never stop. Have you ever heard about SELF JIHAD?. I tried to find an equivalent to it in English but i could’t. Allah asked us to do SELF JIHAD. It is fighting your OWN self against your OWN self. We can call it purifying yourself and your heart from all sins, it is fighting you own self to be a better person. It is something continuous that you have to do all the time.

So instead of monitoring other people’s flaws, let’s try to figure out ONE flaw in ourselves. Just one flaw as a start. Try to think what should you do about it. Have you ever noticed it?, Has anyone noticed it and was bothered from it? Did anyone advise you about it before but you simply neglected it because of your EGO?. Or, Alhamdulelah, It was never revealed in front of people. So After figuring it out, let’s think what should we do about it and how to change it. When you reach the solution, Practice this change everyday. Wake up everyday, promising yourself that you are going to work hard to make a better version of yourself and you are going to work hard on it. This promise is enough to make you feel good about yourself  and others. It will make you feel that you want to share these good feelings with everyone. And by time, you will definitely see the result.

Let’s purify our hearts and try to live with our childish hearts. We are full of flaws, none of us is perfect. But some people don’t see but the bad things in others. Trust me, it is the reflection of yourself. But you are not honest enough to see it.

Ramadan is coming and I think there is not better time in the whole year than Ramadan to change yourself and think about a specific bad habit and work on it.

Happy Ramadan Everyone




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