Raising a good Muslim is my number one priority while raising my kids. I want them to be good representatives to Islam Inshallah. I want them to keep Allah in front of them all the time. To prioritize obedience to Allah and establish the love for Allah first. At an early age they should understand that anything will happen by the will of Allah. I totally believe that having a kid with strong faith will enhance his morals and behaviors eventually. Whenever my daughter asks me for anything, I first tell her if Allah wills. If she is wishing for something, I tell her that she can ask Allah and if it is for her own good Allah will accept her prayers.

For example, she asked me once that she wishes to be the star of the week at her school. I told her let’s pray and ask Allah to let you be the star of the week. After finishing the prayer, I told her that she might not be the star of the week this week. She was sad at first, but then I told her that If you didn’t work harder and tried to do your best at class, She will never be the star of the week. I taught her that Allah respects those who works hard and award them. I also taught her that the award might not be the star of the week. Allah might award her with something else she never wished for, but she will be so surprised and waaaay happier than being the star of the week. I remember that she didn’t get the star of the week, so I took her out to the fun fair as a surprise and bought her favorite toy that she was asking for long time ago. She was super happy at that day. Surprisingly, When she went to school the other week, her teacher gave her a present for being a well behaved girl. She was over the moon at that day and most importantly, she understood what I have told her.

So it is really important to be a role model for your kids. You can never ask your kids to do something you are not doing yourself.  Kids learn what they see more than what they hear. When they see me doing something, they will unconsciously learn to do the same by time. They will be raised knowing that this is a ritual in our family.

For example, I am so keen to teach them at an early age the importance of Salah “Prayer”. The first thing they will learn is that Prayer must be on time. They will know how it feels later but for now that should know that we should leave whatever we are doing to pray on time. When it is time for Salah, I act as if I am preparing for an outing. I wear my prayer dress after Wodou’ and wear perfume and sometimes I splash perfume on the prayer mat. I put the sebha and the Azkar paper beside me to read it after Salah. I let my kids see me and they know now that when they hear Azan on the mobile, they tell me it is time to pray mommy.

Second thing I recite Quran loudly to them before they go to sleep and first thing in the morning. I tell my daughter bedtime stories about the prophets. These stories are full of morals.


In addition to all of that, I would love to teach my kids the morals of Islam. Yes, they must pray on time, recite Quran and Azkar, learn to fast in Ramadan eventually, but they must act according to Islam guidelines as well. They have to learn to be humble, to be kind to others, to be helpful , to be cheerful like Prophet Muhammed (SAAW) taught us to be. They have to be strong and hard workers. They have to seek knowledge and keep educating themselves. In Quran Allah asked us to READ.

The most wonderful thing about it, is whenever I want to teach my kids something about Islam, I find something new to myself to learn. So I feel so happy that we are learning together.





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