List of Values

I am a big believer that kids are a carbon copy of their parents. Kids are not only imitating their parents in everything they do, but they are also observing what they do around them and they keep comparing with what they are asking them to do. “Monkey sees, Monkey does” I always remember this sentence when I  want to teach my kids something. I start by doing it myself and then I am sure that they will inherit it from me. This means that I have to keep working on myself first before teaching good values to my kids and ask them to apply it. I have to keep evaluating myself and assess if I am setting a good example to my kids or not.

“Talk the Value, Walk the Value” In order to stress on those values with myself and my kids, I think I should communicate with them those values and describe what each value means, what am I expecting from them and how to apply this value in real life. But as I said before, We talk and walk the values.

One of the Values that I am keen to teach my kids is “SIMPLICITY”. I want my kids to see the beauty in everything around them. Beauty is all around us, We can find them in the smallest details, but it needs a good observer to see it and enjoy it. I don’t want them to think that the more you possess, the happier you are. NO, I want them to learn that the more observing they are, the happier they will be.

Another Value is “HARD WORK”. Life is never gonna be easy. I want them to know that there is no place in this world for lazy persons. Things will never come their way until they work hard and look for it. This brings another value which I believe should accompany every hard worker. This value is “Enthusiasm”. In order to be a successful person, they should know that it is not only about how hard you work, it is about how effective they are working. Are they putting effort in the right place or not?. An enthusiastic person will keep evaluating his tracks and check if he is moving towards his dream or not.

The most Important value is “GENEROSITY”. How to be generous and what to give. Generosity is not only about money. Generosity is more importantly sharing with others what you have. It is being able to add value to someone’s life.


This List can go forever and I can Keep adding values to the list everyday. There are still more to learn myself and teach for my kids. As I said before, I keep working on myself to set a good example for my kids to follow and The more I learn the more I love to share on my blog.

It  is very important to set Values for our family and our kids, this gives the kids a feeling of connection. It is like you are setting a concrete form for your kids and your family.


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