Positive Psychology Lecture

I have written a blog before about the misconception of positive thinking. How some people perceive positive thinking as happiness ONLY. In that blog I stated that I believe that positive thinking appears the most when a person is feeling down. It is how you will react throughout the hardest times or worst times. Whether you are gonna dwell in your feelings and forget about tomorrow and forget that for every problem there is a solution or you will face the problem courageously.

Today I was attending a lecture on Coursera talking about Positive Psychology and I was amazed with the different emotions that best describes Positive Thinking other than “Happy” or in another words, Happiness is not Positive Thinking. I thought why wouldn’t I write a brief about this lecture to confirm my blog.

They explained that there are 10 emotions that you experience on your personal level where you can feel positive other than being HAPPY.

These 10 Emotions are:

  • JOY
  • HOPE
  • AWE
  • LOVE

Let me share with you a brief explanation about these feelings:

The First one was JOY which is closest to Happy. It is a result of actions. You feel joyful when you accomplish something or when you experience something new. The second emotion is GRATITUDE and this is considered as a quiet Positive emotion. It comes with joy, when you accomplish something and feel joyful at first and afterwards you feel grateful for what you have reached or accomplished. Third comes SERENITY, this is another quieter positive emotions. It is a feeling a certainty and a state of safety. When you are pleased with your current situation and everything in life is just right. It is a feeling where you want to pause everything and you want to enjoy this moment to the maximum. The forth emotion is INTEREST, It is a state where you are interested in every mystery around you, you feel eager to explore and gain knowledge. I think this comes after the feeling of serenity, you feel like you want to gain more knowledge to achieve something new and feel serene afterwards.


HOPE, the fifth positive emotion. For me this is the strongest positive emotions. Because as they stated in the lecture that all the previous positive emotions happen in happy times but this one comes mostly in bad times. As stated in my blog Does Positive Thinking really work?  It is seeking the good thing in the bad times, where you are trying to pull yourself out of dark times. We all know that life is like waves, Ups and Downs. It is never goes smoothly all the time for anyone. We have to experience hard times to appreciates the good ones. Then comes the sixth emotion which is PRIDE, this is mostly a shared emotion. you mainly feel pride after an achievement either for yourself or someone else. You did something valued and everyone is proud. The seventh emotion is AMUSEMENT, Scientists have explained that amusement is non serious incongruity. Amusement comes when you are sharing laughter with friends or family, comes with creativity moments. comes along while building new relationships.

Emotion Number 8 is INSPIRATION. This emotion is a matter of interpretation. You feel inspired when you see another human excellence or a talent that desereves your admiration. When you are inspired, you gain a new skill and aspired. Another cognitive positive emotion is AWE, this is a quiet one as well. It is a feeling of inspiration or admiration with someone’s excellence or big talent.

Last one but definitely not least is LOVE. This is the most frequent one. People feel positive when they are in love. You experience all the past emotions in the state of love.

I hope that I was able to give a beneficial brief of the lecture. If you want to visit this course, here is the URL :


2 thoughts on “Positive Psychology Lecture

  1. “seeking the good thing in the bad times, where you are trying to pull yourself out of dark times”. This is a beautiful description of what positive thinking actually means. In the world of Instagram and memes I think it’s easy to trivialise it into rainbows and quotes. It doesn’t mean you have to feel happy, but you are trying to find your way out. Beautiful post, thank you


    1. Exactly! I studied human development in 2009 when people wasn’t using the term “Positivity Energy” that much. It really annoys me that nowadays people narrowed it into only being happy and to wakeup early in the morning, drink your cup of coffee and smile 😃

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