Arabic Calligraphy Paintings

Another drawing escape, but this time it is not a Mandala escape as before Mandala Escape It is Arabic Calligraphy paintings. I love Arabic Calligraphy so much and I love to try drawing it every now and then. I can’t say that I am an expert, I am still learning and practicing, so it is a bit challenging for me every time I think about drawing one.

The first painting is a new merge of colors for me. I always use pastel colors, but this time I merged dark blue with green and golden. I was going to write each word in a different color but I hesitated at the last moment. I always use acrylic colors. So what is written on this painting is ” Oh My Lord! Advance me in knowledge”. It is a part from a Verse in Quran, Surat Taha.

The Second Painting, as you can see is pastel colors. I used light blue with white and silver and the Calligraphy is dark blue and shaded with bright silver. I couldn’t leave this painting without adding my favorite. I drew a semi circle of Mandala to complete the shape of the word. I drew one of Allah’s 100 names. It is Al Rahman which means The Merciful.

I hope you like my artworks and If you want to see more of my artworks, you can visit my Instagram page

Thank you.


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