My Coffee Tradition

5A511B47-189E-4064-B59E-5CAF49A081CEI admit that I am an almost daily visitor to Modern Coffee Bars like Starbucks or Costa. It is like a daily life savior for me to keep me going with my kids and my daily chores. I am very basic when it comes to my Coffee. I always buy a skimmed milk Café latte. I have never changed it ever since I started drinking coffee and never had the guts to try something new or add any flavors. And I NEVER drink it cold. If I want to have something cold, I would ask for a cold juice or smoothie ( I am very authentic when it comes to my drinks, especially my coffee).

As I said, this cup of Instant Coffee is my daily life savior but it never satisfies my love and passion to coffee. The love for Turkish coffee will never be replaced with this daily coffee. For me drinking Turkish Coffee is a traditional thing. I have to enjoy each and every sip. I have to drink it very MINDFULLY.

Starting from the process of buying  the finely grounded coffee from the shop, waiting for the coffee to boil in the tiny copper coffee pan (which takes around 3- 4 minutes) till you pour it in the saucer. And the best part of it or as I call it ” The Victory Moment” when I succeed to make a dark foam on the top. You should never serve a cup of Turkish coffee without it. It is a proof that you can make Turkish Coffee as it should be .Did you know that before it was the first sign of a good housewife??. If she can make the Coffee properly with this foam, then she is the suitable bride.

Okay, After I enjoy this victory moment, I take my cup of coffee and stay in my favorite spot and enjoy each and every sip while listening to classical music. It has to be classical, I do not know why!!

Part of my love to the Turkish coffee is that Nostalgic feeling that I have every time I drink it. I remember our rituals together me and my mother. We were not drinking it everyday, but when we make it, we have to celebrate it and organize for our special moment.

So How do you love drinking your coffee, Do you like Instant or Turkish Coffee? and If you are a fan of Turkish coffee how do you love to drink it? No sugar, Very little sugar or sweet. and what is your rituals while drinking it?


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