My Restart Button

So lately, I wasn’t that kind of a person that I know. I wasn’t myself at all. I am lazy most of the times, quickly getting tired and annoyed and wasting most of my time doing nothing. I was waking up everyday and say “Okay, Today I will do so and so and so and I will not be the same like yesterday and waste the day doing nothing” and I end up doing nothing differently than everyday. I started first my holding a book with a cup of coffee and I was keen to pick a book that was light and motivational. But I caught myself staring to the same page after half an hour. Trying so hard to read and absorb whatever I am reading but I just couldn’t. Later that day, I opened the 7 minutes workout application on my cell phone in an attempt to get back to working out but I just felt like I would rather sleep or watch TV and stay on the couch munching some dark chocolate with blueberries that my husband brought to me. At the end of that day, the feeling of laziness and tiredness turned into anger and frustration. I wasn’t happy about myself at all and this made me even feel worse.

I woke up this morning and I decided that I will stay away from my mobile and I will stop checking it the first thing in the morning. I will drink my cup of coffee slowly and quietly without any disturbance. While drinking my cup of coffee I felt like I want to read some Motivational quotes to boost my positive energy. I was like I need it just to feel fulfilled right now and enjoy the moment to the peak. I opened the laptop “not the mobile” and I started to read each quote more than once and try to think about it and see what first thought comes to mind or how I feel towards this quote.

So the First picture said ” Be Bright, Be Happy, Be YOU”. I closed my eyes and started to remember the positive me and how I was always eager to do what I love and trying to work hard to achieve my dream. I tried to remember that feeling of writing a new blog, or reading a new book excitedly and a new idea pops to mind while reading or when I read a good comment on my blogs or my drawings. Remembering these moments drew a smile on my face and made me feel like I want to go back to this Bright Me.


The next photo was “Just DO Something”. Yes, I need that kind of a quote right now. I have to do anything, it doesn’t have to be that big or fruitful. I do not have to act smart or mindful, I just want to start. You know that Start button, I have to press on it better than being shut down. Start with whatever I love the most, even with reading one page of a book, but I am sure it will be better than nothing “Let’s assume this blog is that thing”. It is another start of mine, a restart to myself and my blogging.


These were the thoughts I had today. I wrote it in the blog to feel more committed and to get back to it whenever I feel lazy again. It feels so good to be true to yourself. To know your state of mind and act towards it. And as I always quote from my favorite Author John C. Maxwell, Pause and reflect. Or As I have written it in the title, The Restart Button. It is always good to have this kind of conversation with yourself and know exactly how you feel and how you should react. It is always good to be your own motivational booster.



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