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48048267-C546-4651-86A1-1E44A64F748CWe are always working hard and try our best to raise our kids the best way we could. As a mother, reading articles and parenting books has been my number one aid whenever I need any answer. The most controversial topic in parenting nowadays is YouTube videos. Whether to leave your kids watch them or not. How long should they watch it and what to watch exactly and how to avoid the evad videos that interrupt the videos they are watching.

I might have a different opinion than most of the mothers and you might disagree with me, but each one of us has his own differenct circumstances and environment. For me, the ipads are helping me alot to keep me sane especially in the past few weeks. Lately, I have no time nor energy to stay with my kids as before, so my relief “ yet still feeling guilty” was to give my kids to watch the tablet for a while “ and I mean here a longer while than usual”. I pick for them educational videos to watch and I let them stay beside on bed to check what they are exactly watching. I get nursery rhymes for my two years old son and for my daughter there are so many more varieties for her. I get for her videos about body parts and planets “ these are her favorites so far”. I am so keen to let her listen to quran as well and get for her kids religious videos. That helped her in both learning new information in a very creative way that I was not going to be able to teach to her myself and it developed her language skills as well.

But, and there is always Buts ☺️☺️ My daughter started to watch these opening toys videos and started to ask for more toys whenever she watch a new video. It started to annoy me and make me feel angry from myself and my only way was to take the tablet from her and avoid her from watching it. But that was not solving anything because her brother is watching, so instead of teaching her a lesson. I had to stop the fights between them.

I made a decision to talk to her like a grown up and explain for her why it is not always allowed to buy toys. I have to say that she was convinced for a couple of hours and then it started all over again. So I said I will follow another way and fingers crossed it will work this time. So pray for me that it will work pleaase.

I stayed with her and promised her that we will buy the toy she wants but from her own money. I told her it is time for you to take a weekly allowance and keep it in your safe until you collect the amount of money you need and buy your toys. But in order to have money we must earn it. And I started to explain for her how to earn this allowance and there might be some deductions if she didn’t follow the rules. I picked her favorite notebook where she keeps drawing in most of the times. I started to list down the things that she will be asked for in order to earn this money.

She was so excited with these new rules and the first she has done was tidying up the mess without being asked ☺️☺️.

My point here is everything has its benefits and drawbacks. Nothing is 100% perfect or 100% harmful. Tablets and youtube videos have their drawbacks of course, but we can make it beneficial as well. For me as an expat mother in a gf country, I dont have the privilege of taking my kids for a walk in summer for instance. So we stay indoors for five months and If I take them for a walk then it will be in a mall which has its own drawbacks as well.

So we are all doing our best, we are trying hard and no one will love our kids more than us. Raising kids doesn’t have a specific manual. Each kids is different that the other. Every family is different. So let’s keep it easy and wish for the best ❤️❤️48FF15FA-49D1-4E7F-A43C-87031839DBC3


5 thoughts on “YouTube Videos

  1. I agree. As long as you are even mentioning these things it means you care. I think the fact that we try our best is good enough. Can we do more, always. Should we do more, not necessarily. If it works for your family that’s what is most important. I talk to my kids the same way, as grown ups. They need to learn that just because you see it on tv doenst mean we need it or at least all of it. Wants vs need and earning things is important. I am not raising a brat! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I believe as well that we have to accept that technology became a very big part of our daily lives and still more to come we never know. So we should teach them how to benefit from whatever is out there.


  2. I agree with hazeleyesmom and you as well. We are all doing our best to raise our children to be the best that they can be. My son watches YouTube, but he’s 9. He started watching at 7 1/2 years old. I watch everything he does. I look at his history and all. Do what works for you and your family and take some of the stress away. ❤


  3. I wrote this whole thing about kids and phones related to this topic, and I couldn’t agree more. I think also the fine print for most of social media states something about being of a certain age…

    It’s so challenging to know how to navigate all of this in today’s contemporary world of electronics.


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