Boys & Girls

9C59CAF7-4742-4C67-86EB-BF1D51FB6B92It has been a while since I have written a blog. It has been like three weeks or so, but the last three weeks were very hard for me and I do not know when it is gonna end 😔. I spent most of the time in the hospital and it was the first time ever to sleep away from my kids. I will share with you soon what I have been through in the last three weeks.

In this blog I will share with you from my experience, my opinion about the differences between boys and girls. I am writing this blog while my daughter is crying for three hours now, since she came from school and not knowing the exect reason “ she herself when I ask her what’s wrong she doesn’t know why🤔🤔” but she wants to cry anyway while my boy is kissing me. So that is the first difference for me, girls are so moooooody. And this is a confession ( Yes, We are dramaqueens and sometimes we just love to cry). In a moment they are so sweet and kind and funny and lovely and the other moment they are not in the mood and not knowing why and do not want to discuss it. As for my son he is so clumsy in a funny way. He is just funny and makes me laugh all the time and if he is crying, I can easily make him laugh and forget about everything he was crying about. He is very passionate unlike most of the boys I believe.


I remember when i was pregnant with my daughter before knowing the gender,  all  I wanted was  to have a girl believing  that dealing with girls is much more easier than dealing with boys. My idea about boys back then was that they are disobedient and running around all day long, but girls are easily to talk with. But right now I find it easier to deal with my son than my daughter.

My daughter can stay for hours drawing, coloring, watching disney movies without being bored at all. She loves sharing stories with us “she is at the age where she loves making up stories” She loves to be treated like a grownup ( she is five) and she always want to share her opinion with everything at the house. She is very smart and talkative and I really enjoy her talks and her way of expressing her opinion. She is very very sensitive and shy among strangers. As for my boy, he is very active. He can run and jump all day long and falls asleep in a second. He loves cars in a crazy way and he doesn’t mind if there are any strangers around. He loves acting like his sister and he is copying her in every way.

Both of my kids are vey kind and funny and I love them to death. Each one of them has his own character and part of being their mother is to accept them the way the are and respect their differences.

All the love to our kids 💕



2 thoughts on “Boys & Girls

  1. Hello Lamees! I am an artist/illustrator that worked as an Art Teacher in a school environment for five years (though I still teach painting classes in the afternoons I resigned from my full-time position last June in order to pursue my own artistic development and personal projects related to the field). I am not a mother myself, so I can’t even begin to understand what it might be like! However, I do have experience teaching large groups of boys and girls and, MAN!, is it an experience! hhahha Just as you mention, boys are very different from girls in many, MANY ways. They have very different ways of learning, too, which makes teaching a big challenge (especially when having both simultaneously!). Something I have noticed in my years teaching Art is that girls tend to be more perfectionists when it comes to their art, and kind of influence each other a lot of the time to the point of wanting to copy each others’ work. They are a lot more neat and organized (not all of them, but generally speaking, hah). And boys usually work faster and produce bigger messes to clean up! However, I’ve found that boys aren’t as scared of “thinking outside of the box” and doing new things, which many times leads to very creative and original artwork! It’s very interesting! Thank you for you post and have a great week! 🙂


    1. Hello Erika, Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, you are right concerning how girls are so neat and want to do everything perfectly. I think my son will not be that kind of a kid that I can study for him or help him with his homework. He understands more when i find creative ways to explain for him. So i can really relate to everything you have mentioned. We as mothers work so hard with our kids, but I cannot neglect the hard work teachers are exerting with our kids to make them better persons❤️❤️On behalf of all the mothers, Thank you all so much


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