Pregnancy Cravings



Most of us hear funny stories about prgnancy cravings and wonder whether it is real or not. I have always seen pregnancy cravings in movies and it is always to funny things and I have read so many funny stories myself. I remember my grandmother used to always say that if a pregnant woman is craving somethings that means that the baby wants it, funny right 😜 and also I have read that sometimes it is your body needs translated into cravings for example if your body needs protein, you will ask for meat or if your body needs magnesium, you will ask for chocolate.

I would love to share with you my story of pregnancy cravings and how I feel it had an impact on the way my kids love to eat. You could agree or disagree, but I will tell what I see from my experience. The first thing that I will mentions is that both first trimesters for me were like hell. Uptil now I dont know how did I bare these six months in my life. I was always dizzy, feeling nauseous, having metallic taste and I was always smelling something weird. I wasn’t not in the mood at all and didn’t want to see anyone. Barely moved out of my bed. I was only eating crackers and croissant and sometimes pizza for change. I don’t know if it is something related to carbs or not. But that was the only food that my stomach was digesting without troubles. During my first pregnancy with my daughter, I still remember that day, I told my mother I can smell someone baking a cake with cinnamon. She told me there is noone baking and she didn’t even use cinnamon in any dish. I swore to her that I still smell it as if it is right in front of me. She hurried to the kitchen and decided to bake for me a cake 😂.

The Second trimester for me was like a honeymoon. I was so happy and full of life. I wanted to do everything I have missed in the first trimester. The only negative thing that I wanted to eat cakes and desserts like everyday. For a pregnant woman, it is not easy to stay healthy, you just eat whatever comes to your mind “ and you don’t necessarily feel hungry”. I was planning and planning to be that healthy fit pregnant woman, but it didn’t happen for me. I was eating a cake every single day and I gained 20 kilograms 😐😐.


In my second pregnancy, It was a whole different story. Metallic taste and morning sickness didn’t disappear after the first trimester. I couldn’t eat some food still and I didn’t like desserts at all or even fruits. I always felt like I want to eat pickles. I was moving around with a jar of pickled cucumbers everyday. I was eating salty and spicy food all the time. I was craving koshary and favabeans My most convenient “Vegetarian” Dish everyday. I didn’t want to eat meat or chicken either. I have to tell you that my son loves salty food and he doesn’t like sweets at all, unlike my daughter loves desserts and sweets so much. F3FE04B1-B3E7-453B-9EE5-C1F5E1874E2D


I believe that pregnancy cravings has something to do with the hormonal roller coasters that we go through during pregnancy. Especially during the first trimester, You are craving a food that you believe will make you feel better and will stay in your stomach for a while. So that was my story with pregnancy cravings, what about yours??


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