Invest in Myself as a SAHM

55D237DC-7EA5-4713-A5A3-A56BD100130DAs a stay at home mother, I always feel like I want to invest in myself and keep my knowledge expanded. I always feel like I have to work on myself more than before so I won’t feel mentally blocked. I want to always feel updated and informative. After having my daughter I felt that I was starting to lose control, I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t the calm mother I always wanted to be. I was frustrated and bored most of the times. So I decided engage in somekind of activity. I started to look online for something new to learn. As if I wanted to remind myself of how it felt being a student again. I made an account on Coursera ( and I started to enroll in the courses provided. After finishing the first course, I was so content. This gave me a feeling of discipline and having a goal to achieve. I felt sane, calm and happy. So I decided that from now on, I will always have something to do for myself.

These are some of the examples of the ways I follow to invest in myself:

  1. Workout: I managed to make for myself some time everyday to workout. This made me feel better both mentally and physically. It is only for 7 minutes a day, so it wasn’t that hard to be committed. Here is my workout routine details if you are interested to knowย My Workout Routineย 
  2. ย Look for my Passion: I used to always love drawing when I was a kid, I remember that I had one wall of my room totally covered with my drawings. So my husband suggested that I start drawing one more time and try to work more on my drawing skills. I do not draw everyday, but whenever I feel like I want to escape, I get a piece of paper and start drawing. The thing that I draw the most is Mandala and this helps me a lot with relieving all the stress I feel.579CF40B-FBD7-4A60-9965-F89D93012B87
  3. Read: I totally believe in ” Keep learning as long as you are living”. I always seek new things to learn. Reading is the most convenient source of learning. I am always keen to read about something new everyday. I do not have to read from a book. I could read from an article or a blog about a topic I am interested in.IMG_7334
  4. Start Online Classes: As I have mentioned before, I used to learn new things from Coursera. This was so easy for me because the classes were for 15 minutes maximum. So I used to attend my class before going to sleep everyday. I remember the first course was about how to make healthy food for your baby.

I do not have to do all of these things everyday. But I am keen to have my own time everyday. Either in the early morning before my son is awake or late at night when everyone is asleep. This helped me a lot with keeping me sane. The more I invest in myself, the more I feel like I want to give to my family and also setting a good example for my kids to follow. Investing in myself is a way of self love, and You cannot give others the love they need from you unless you love yourself first. As always said ” Happy Wife, Happy life” .


32 thoughts on “Invest in Myself as a SAHM

  1. I love your detailed drawing! Requires so much patience! Glad that you’re continuously learning~ you can get free/cheap courses on udemy and udacity too! (But I’m IT based so not sure about other niche) ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Itโ€™s so important to make some time just for yourself whether you are working or SAHM. I like the idea of on-line courses and definitely need to make some time for exercise ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Coursera? Hmm must have a look at that. But great investment into self! Always good to pamper and prepare yourself to be updated in today’s trend! I’m a SAHM turned WAHM now, with so much investment I’ve put into myself, people now ask how do I do it ๐Ÿ˜‚ No one can stop us mother’s from anything!


  4. Self care is always a must. I love making vlogs on YouTube and writing. I try to treat it like a job even though itโ€™s a hobby. Itโ€™s great discipline but also fun


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