My Workout Routine

1E74F4CA-16F4-4A2D-86A0-97ADF36C85C1When I was pregnant with my son two years ago, I gained 16 kilograms and I struggled really hard after delivery to lose them. I started eating healthy food right after delivery but breastfeeding was not helping at all ( I was always craving something sweet). I started to feel so down, couldn’t wear anything. I kept wearing the maternity clothes for five months post partum. I knew that working out is the solution, but it wasn’t easy for me at all to go to the gym and I couldn’t manage to develop a workout routine.

I kept looking for online video but they were consuming alot of time. Until one day I found a mobile application called “ 7 minutes daily workout”. I installed the application and it made my life way easier. It is not that hatd to find 7 minutes a day after all.

So here is my workout routine:

1) 30 seconds Jumping Jacks


2) 30 seconds wall sit


3) 30 seconds step up onto chair


4) 30 seconds push ups


5) 30 seconds Abdominal Crunches


6) 30 seconds plank


7) 30 seconds running in place


8) 30 seconds push ups and rotation

9) 30 seconds side planks


10) 30 seconds Lunges


11) 30 seconds Triceps Dips on chair105B2CF1-F0EE-42C2-B445-0C1533F648F2

12) 30 seconds Squat



At first, it wasn’t easy at all and I was always struggling to finish the 30 seconds. Push ups for me was torture 😂 . By time, it became easier gradually and I started to feel fit and in shape. It has been a year now and I cannot skip a day without working out. It became a very important part of my day, specially with the results I have seen. As always said No Pain, No Gain.



13 thoughts on “My Workout Routine

  1. Your post is a great relief for new-mom who wants to be fit again. Specially 7 min. daily work out is best, your detail explanation will make others to choose right App.👍👍👍


  2. Nice workout. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to get back on the exercise routine on the days I don’t go hiking or on trails.


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