Things I’ve learned before turning 30


Today is 29th birthday. It is my last birthday in the twenties. I don’t why, but it has a different feeling. For me, I still feel the spirit and the joyful of the twenties. But of course, I am grateful for everything I have been through and the lessons I have learned in the past years. let me share with you what I have learned throughout the past few years:

  • LIFE IS FAIR. Yes, It is. It pays back to those who are ambitious and work hard to fulfill their dreams and enjoy the journey.
  • Helping others makes YOU feel happy and satisfied. It lifts your spirit up.
  • Traveling to different countries makes you feel more broadminded.
  • Enjoy your time by yourself. It is not loneliness, It is a precious time to explore yourself.
  • Keep learning forever. The more you learn, the more you will feel like you have known nothing, the more you will be less interested in materialistic things. 
  • It is never about how many friends you have. 
  • Smile to everyone you see. Try it


  • Always work on your passion and if you don’t have one, keep looking for it.
  • Learn Self Acceptance and don’t mind what others think about you. everyone sees you differently, so their opinions do not matter.
  • Praise your parents as much as you can.
  • Enjoy the moment. You will think about it later with a smile.
  • Learn to listen more than you talk. talking too much is a waste of time and energy.
  • Changes will happen along the way, accept it.
  • Happiness is a short term condition. Do not turn your life miserable looking for it. Embrace everything happening in your life.
  • Reading is an essential thing in our life.



  • Learn to forgive, no one is perfect. This will heal you from all the negative energy.
  • Eat healthier food, Work out more and eat Pizzas on Weekends.
  • Ups and Downs is part of our life’s justice.
  • It is not only about achieving your goal. It is also about the journey you have been through to achieve your goal.
  • It is OKAY to feel sad sometimes. 
  • Stop judging others. Life keeps rotating and you will surprised with KARMA.
  • Referring to number 21. Exert this effort on working on yourself instead.
  • Not everyone will like you. Do not work on it.
  • Turn the painful moments to lifetime lessons.


It is not easy to do all of these things, but let’s keep reminding ourselves that life is worthy and we should live it the way it should be lived and enjoy it. Also, I have to mention that we have to be always grateful for the life granted for us. It is always a blessing to get older. I do not call myself a wisdom person, but I love sharing with you my thoughts as always.




32 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned before turning 30

  1. Great post, very positive message. The best advice I ever received was..You have never been as old you are today, but you will never be younger than you are right now 🙂 embrace getting older, it has it’s benefits 🙂


    1. Yes, that is why I said it is not easy to be done. I am an expat mother and trust me when i say that those five years have taught me a-lot than i can ever imagine. So it is not harmful to share it with others


  2. Happy Birthday! This post was really awesome, I’m 23 and hope I learn these kinds of things in the next few years.


  3. Helping others makes me feel happy and satisfied. It truly lifts my spirit up. Thanks for sharing your great lessons, learned quite much.. And a big happy birthday to you!


  4. Happy {belated} birthday! I love these things you’ve picked up over the last 29 years! And as you continue on the road of life there will be so many more things to embrace about life!


    1. Thank you so much. I am glad that you liked my thoughts. I read your post and I really loved it so much and i felt each and every word. I tried to comment but it asked for logging in. So I tweeted your blog on my page so everyone could read as well 😊😊


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