My daughter’s Lunchbox



One of the main things that all mothers are always concerned about, is offering their kids healthy And tasty food everyday. Preparing the lunchbox everyday for a five years old picky eater girl is not an easy job at all. Not only does she get bored so easily, but sometimes she loves what her friends get with them to school and that is another issue. For me a healthy lunchbox should include:

1) Carbohydrates like pasta, rice, bread or potatoes

2) Fresh fruits and Vegetables

3) Protein like eggs or any dairy products

4) A drink

5) Cereals.

So here is what I give my daughter everyday in her Lunchbox:

Manderine and green apples ( or any kind of fruit based in I what you have in my fridge)500314B9-B911-4770-A7B0-46BF0F557FBC

Cucumbers ( She doesn’t want any other kind of vegetables)


Cornflakes Bar (sometimes I substitute it with mixed nuts)


A Juice


Grilled cheese sandwich with olives ( Her favorite) I just put the cheese I have in the fridge and grill it in some Olive Oil spray. Those are the cheese I added today. This is not an everyday sandwich becasue she will get bored. I am trying as much as I can to give her a different thing everyday.


Children are very smart, but they learn to eat what they got used to or what they are familiar with. I have to say that sometimes I act naughty and give her some sort of treat or candies. I act moderately with her, because I do not want her to feel like she is not the same like her friends. But I explain that this is a treat we eat every now and then.

Hope you find this blog useful for you mommies and would love to know your Lunchbox Ideas


16 thoughts on “My daughter’s Lunchbox

  1. Great lunch! I have 3 boys, and coming up with healthy foods to send every day while still adding variety can be a real challenge! I’m grateful they will eat carrots and edamame (they won’t eat cucumbers 😦 ) . I avoid the drink, though, because it’s unnecessary sugar – I just send water for them (plus, one of them in particular is super messy, and I’m sure the school would prefer to clean up water over cleaning up juice!). Thanks for sharing – I’m always looking for more ideas!


    1. Thank you so much ☺️☺️ yes, especially with picky eaters🙈🙈 Regarding the juice, I totally agree with you but I give her every now and then just for fun because all of her friends at school take the same juice with them

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      1. I totally get that! I give mine juice very occasionally as a treat 🙂 Picky eaters can be SO HARD to work with!


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