Kids on Flight

plane-50893_1280As an expat mother, you definitely know that my life involves a lot of traveling. So handling two kids on the plane is not an easy thing at all and requires lots of work and LUCK. Sometimes my kids are angels and they are pleased with whatever i give them to play with or even looking out of the window and count the clouds……OH, SO CUTE,, LOL. But it is not always like that. Especially my 2 years old son. He is very active and he doesn’t want to sit on my lap or his father’s lap. He always has tantrums and he is so frustrated with the fact that he has to sit in this area for a while. So now, after a couple of times of humiliation, I want to share with my experience

Last trip was a 14 hour flight. Allย  what we expected was frustration, humiliation and exhaustion. I started to dream about the fellow passengers giving me that annoyed look. Me and my husband started to plan a way ahead. We read lots of articles and watched so many videos about how to keep your kid entertained throughout a flight. All what was suggested was to buy everything possible to keep them busy. Bare in mind that there are no rules here. So we bought two backpacks for our kids, We bought different kinds of snacks and sweets. We bought their favorite small toys like cars and dolls, we got coloring books and crayons, we downloaded so many game apps and videos on their Ipads, and we bought small blocks for them. We didn’t let them see anything of course because as you know kids will open everything at once and will spend the rest of the flight bored, well, you know kids :(.


So when we boarded, I gave them each a small snack (Crackers) and afterwards I gave them one toy to play with. After a while, I gave them their Ipads to play some games and watch some Disney videos. By that time, our meals were there and we gave them some more food to eat. They loved the idea of opening the food tray and eat themselves on the plane.ย  A very important thing that I have to mentions is that we managed to keep them awake the night before ( I know it sounds mean) But hey, we had a 14 hour flight and I know my kids can stay awake all the time no matter how tired they are. So me and their father managed to keep them awake until it was time for boarding. They spent the first 2 hours awake and excited then they slept for about 8 hours or more. This helped us a lot because it was a flight where all the passengers want to sleep and they need some relaxation.

Surprisingly this flight went so well. The flight attendants were very helpful and understanding and I have to say that the passengers were very nice to us and that made us more relaxed and relieved.



37 thoughts on “Kids on Flight

  1. travelling with kids can be SO stressful! I remember once I had a child be an absolute beast throughout my 10-hour flight and I just wanted to kill myself in the end. He kept on kicking my seat and his parents would NOT discipline him, even after me and a few other co-passengers complained.


    1. Yes, It is never easy but trust me as a parent we are doing our best but sometimes kids are uncontrollable especially in a new experience for them like planes they get super super excited ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ


  2. I can only imagine how hard it is to travel with kids. It is already hard just by yourself! Well I think you may have been very smart to keep them up all night as they would be tired on the flight and maybe sleep after their meal. You have to do what works for you right? Nice post.


  3. My oldest daughter went on a plane for the first time at 3 years old and she was an angel. She really loved the plane ride and of course we kept her entertained the whole trip. We are very lucky that we have an amazing daughter who does well with traveling. Now our 1 year old daughter hasn’t been on a plane yet and I think she will be the one to give us a hard time, but hopefully not.

    Great post ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Good job, mom! Nice job planning the trip with your young ones. I have 2 boys, now teenagers! So I know because I’ve been there. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Travelling with kids is stressful but its a bliss always.. Its like how well you can engage them. Every trip with ur kids is memories forever


  6. Traveling with children can be one heck of a ride. I did a 28 hour trip 3 planes one of them being almost 10 hours. I found that using a leap pad, coloring books, and snacks helped a lot.


  7. its work travelling with them. it was nice of u to start planning a week earlier, this way u dont miss out on stuff and things get more organised.


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