Does Positive Thinking really work?

AF6374A0-1B04-4B4B-88CA-6524E74E2081Positive Thinking. A Terminology that we face a lot these days in books, seminars, life coach lectures and real life experiences. We always listen to those people talking about positive energy and how it impacted their lives with a smile on our face. But then we ask ourselves, Is it really gonna work with me? Am I gonna be that strong Or, I wish my life was that easy.

I think there is a misunderstanding about Positive Thinking. Positive Thinking does not mean that you should be always happy. Positive Thinking is not equal to JOYFUL. Joyful is a result of Positive thinking. Allah created us with a heart full of emotions. We must feel everything, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement,……etc. Or else, we will not be humans.

Life is full of ups and downs. This is normal, we can not change anything about that fact and no one can run away from it. But the difference between the positive person and any other person is the way they react to ups and downs, specifically downs. No one’s life is perfect. All of us face difficulties and obstacles. We have the right to take the time we need until we heal . It is part of our nature, that what makes us human. Again, It is not normal for a person to hide away from sadness and keep smiling and neglect his feelings. But, afterwards what are you going to do? Are you gonna turn this hard time into a turning point in you life or you gonna keep feeling sorry about yourself and lose your self confidence. Are you gonna get stuck in your sadness or you will move forward?

As I mentioned before, life is full of ups and downs and you will never understand the ups unless you feel the downs. you will never know you are a strong person unless you face a hard time. You will never know how happiness feels until you feed the sadness. We cannot avoid problems and negativity in our lives. It is part of the life’s KARMA.

The difference comes with the way you react, how do you manage a bad experience? How do you transform your anger into creativity and a new starting point. Let’s state an example here: A person got diagnosed with a disease, let’s say diabetes or a heart disease. A person can either grieve and turn everything into black in his life or he can start look to his life from another perspective. He can tell himself that he has to change his lifestyle into a healthier one, change his eating habits and exercise more. See the difference between both, both are facing an obstacle, but it is the way you perceive it.

Positive Thinking is a choice. You choose how you are going to react in your life. Again, Positive energy doesn’t mean that you are always happy. It means that you move on and keep moving forward in your life and ask yourself what’s next?.AD7D02A3-56E1-430C-B012-4F760A4AC628


50 thoughts on “Does Positive Thinking really work?

  1. Great post! This really spoke to me:

    “We must feel everything, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement,……etc. Or else, we will not be humans.”

    Sometimes it seems easier to avoid all unpleasant emotions – to bottle them up, to ignore them – but ultimately you can’t, and shouldn’t, escape them.


  2. Very powerful statement and teaching. I also would like to add , as Tony Robbinsons would say, the moment you realize that life is acting for you and not at you then your life begins to change. We should own up to our problem and find the solutions through them.


  3. Have to remind myself of this a lot – i recently learned how important it is to always try and see the positives of everything, even the really bad situations. It’s firstly our own way of thinking, and then simply having faith


  4. Positive thinking is looking for the good no matter what is going on in your life. No, it is not always easy to stay positive in every situation but having a positive frame of mind can help you get through any negativity you are facing.


  5. I think learning to think positively takes a lot of awareness and skill, but yes, I do think it works. I am a half glass full kind of gal, but sometimes, I find negativity bubbling up just like the next person. Great read!


    1. Yes, We will never be able to escape from negativity and we will have our downs every now and then but I am sure you will always find a way to get yourself out of it ❤️❤️❤️


  6. I personally think positive thinking is really important in life and workplace! I know that sometimes things might not be going smoothly, but thinking and attitudes makes thing better!


  7. I won’t say it is 100% working because sometimes, no matter how positive you think, you will still influence by the negative thought especially when something bad happen..


  8. Hi Lamees,

    Nice article. Have the positive thinking is a very powerful thing to grow up in the future.
    And for Blogger it is very very necessary (LOL!! :)).
    Thanks for sharing a great article!
    Ashutosh Singh


  9. We are allowed to feel everything… but at the same time we have check the root of the negative emotions we feel and deal with as soon as we can so it doesn’t eat us up.
    Positive thinking works. And like you said it doesn’t mean being ‘joyful or happy’ at all times. We can be sad and still maintain our positive outlook on life.

    This was a great read.
    Thanks for sharing.


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