Nostalgic to BOOKS

83EB3E7C-24E0-4013-8CAF-9C874772B5F3Do you know Nostalgia? It is when you miss something about the past or a personal desire to return to a thought or a specific time. One of the things that I feel nostalgic to is BOOKS. Reading a specific book reminds me with all the memories accompanied with reading this book. So if I want to go back to this specific time, I go to my book shelves and re-read the book. Sometimes, I struggle reading a new book no matter how hard I try. So it is like I am going to my comfort zone and I feel calm. Another thing about re-reading a book is that I want to re-discover myself while reading this book. Am I thinking the same as way as before, or things have changed. It is a self exploration process. I am a different person now, I have gained more experiences and I will understand the book from a different perspective.

These are the  5 books that I will re-read when I feel nostalgic :

  1. Forty rules of love:  It is a novel written by the Turkish author Elif Shafak. I love Galal el din Rumi parts in the book. I love his philosophy about life. I love the way he was narrating to his mentor Shams El Tabriz how did he turn any moment in his life into a life lesson about love and religion and how peaceful he felt afterwards. I  felt spiritually lifted up after reading this book and I would definitely pick this books If I want this feeling again.7DBA1FE5-E187-4F8D-BC9E-0605E9536101
  2. How Successful People Think By John C. Maxwell: What I love the most about this book, is that it is a conversation. It is questions and answers. I feel like I am attending a lecture or a program, So I never feel bored from it. It is classified into chapters, so you can only get back to the specific chapter that you need to read.9D6125A0-8E7A-428C-AB2E-F8D65B0572BA
  3. The Open Door by Latifa Al Zayyat:  This is an Egyptian Novel about a girl named Laila back between the forties and the fifties in Egypt. How Laila the heroine was struggling as a girl to face the community and her family with her thoughts and beliefs. The novel was turned into a movie. This is my mother’s favorite movie and we used to watch it together. So I am so happy while reading the novel or watching the movie.6EC08890-3954-4F2C-ADBA-88F39486689D
  4. Who moved my cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson: My first interaction with this book was in my University. I watched the animation first, then I started looking for the book. This book helps me in reconsidering things in my life. It reminds me that I should not be stuck in one way of thinking. We have to change and  We have to accept changes in our lives.6FE5EFC3-27D9-4D05-90C2-9DE8C832AA75
  5. What I know for sure: I first read this book when I was on a trip to Thailand. So I just remember everything about this trip. Whenever I hold this book, it draws a smile on my face. Other than that it gives me that force or push that I should be determined and focused about accomplishing my dream, yet I have to enjoy everything about the glory of the moment I am living.BAC2FA82-0598-41D6-B84D-1B02FC425CABThere are still more on the list. But I thought about sharing only these now and I will share the rest later. So, do you share with me this Nostalgia? If so, what are the books that you love to re read.

4 thoughts on “Nostalgic to BOOKS

  1. wow..u really did a great works by reading and collecting the books. Me also have a few nostalgic book but more to murder case & investigation book


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