A Stay at home mom Morning Routine




Since my birthday in October. I consider October is the start of the new year for me. Each year, I plan what I want to achieve for the next year, what i want to change in myself, How many books I will read and If am gonna start something new. It doesn’t have to be something major, but just any change makes me feel accomplished and happy.

The first thing I wrote in my list this year was that I want to be a happier, more energetic and more productive mother. The first thing that came to mind was trying to be more and more devoted for my kids and do more things for them. I would normally start my day listing what I will do for them today. Everyday turned out worst than the day before. Well, that turned me into a miserable person. I was always tired and moody. All I cared about was to finish what is on the list. So, I tried googling and reading some blogs on how to be a more energetic mother. For my surprise, most of the articles and the blogs stated that I have to wake up earlier than my kids ( I always thought that I should sleep more and more to be a happier mother). Thank

I started to make a morning routine for myself. I sleep a couple of hours after dropping my daughter to school and I wake up two hours earlier than my son. The first thing I do is cleaning the kitchen while preparing my breakfast. I wash the dishes, wipe the counters and I tidy up the living room. It might sound silly but trust me, staying in a tidy place impacts you positively and makes you feel more productive. When I am done with preparing breakfast, I eat it while watching TV, listening to soft music or even checking the internet. My breakfast as always is the same thing, chopped dates and bananas with crushed almonds and walnuts and a cup of coffee.Β How did I lose all baby weight??Β .

After having my breakfast, I hold my cup of coffee, sit on the couch ( This is the only time I have that I can drink my coffee slowly and really enjoy it warm) and I start my reading time Mindfulness Reading. The book I am reading nowadays is Humans of New York. After reading for about half an hour, I start working out for 7 minutes only. This makes me feel that I have more energy for the rest of the day.


Making a morning routine made a huge difference for me. The feeling of having my own quality time everyday makes me feel more appreciated. It doesn’t have to be two hours, it could be only 15 minutes a day to just drink my cup of coffee peacefully and get prepared for my day. I would love to know more about your morning routines and how it impacts your day.

Thank you.2f784448-29d7-4ba7-9a85-5e8c4e56a480.jpeg


39 thoughts on “A Stay at home mom Morning Routine

  1. such a great book! the stories are so interesting and you just never know what people have actually gone through..


  2. Good to have a morning routine to keep u sane especially a SAHM! I’m a WAHM and I dont have a fix routine but Im flexible like that hehe it keeps me going. I guess everyone has their own unique way to feel energized! All the best to both of us and all other SAHM out there!


  3. The days of taking kids to school are behind me, so now my me-time, which I cherish, is the hour prior to them getting up. My coffee, my phone, my to do list, some news on tv…. πŸ™‚ Then, once they’re gone, I have a couple of hours to do what I need or want to do before tackling the SAHM stuff…blog, write, publish, or, sometimes, nap. πŸ™‚

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