Mindfulness Reading

IMG_7388.JPGWhat is Mindfulness

Many of us have heard and read about the word “Mindfulness”. The first thing that comes to your mind is meditation. But Mindfulness is just about everything you do in your life. You can do any activity mindfully. since I love reading, and that is my passion. I am gonna talk about how to read mindfully.

First we need to know what does Mindfulness mean? Mindfulness means that you pay full attention to what you are doing right now and ignore any distractions. To try your best to give your full attention and live the moment. This applies to anything you want to do in your day. You can read mindfully, cook mindfully, have a walk, eat mindfully, listen to music, …..etc.

I will talk to you today about how do i apply mindfulness to reading. How I give all the attention needed and embrace the moment.

How to read Mindfully

First of all, I never do anything else while reading. I cannot even read while the TV is on. So, I normally wait until my kids are asleep.  I pick a book that I want to read – based on my mood- and take my notebook, highlighter and the pen. I make for myself a cup of coffee or my favorite cup of green tea Green tea, Ginger and Lemon drink . I sit on the couch and relax. The first thing I do when I hold my book is smelling the paper ( kinda of funny, yeah) I do not know why? But the smell of the books gives a great feeling, I just love it. I start to flip the pages to know what I am going to read. Then I start to read and I don’t skip the Introduction.

I normally read out loud, that gives me an impression that I understood each and every word I have read, as if I am digesting the whole book. It is like I am trying to simplify what is written in the book to someone else My Reading Habits. Ironically, Sometimes I pretend as if I am asked questions from someone else and I answer them. I highlight the important information while reading and I highlight the word that i didn’t understand from context.

Sometimes, I pause while reading and close my eyes to make sure that I have understood everything so far, or to visualize what I have just read. After I am done with the book, I skim it and write down the highlighted points in my notebook and look for the translation of the difficult words and write them down as well.

Reading this way makes me less stressed, calms my mind and reduces any negative energy. I feel like I have nurtured my mind and my soul. As a mother, I feel refueled to proceed my day with my kids. This is what reading mindfully means. I embraced the moment of reading, took myself away from anything and focused on what I am doing right now.

Try to apply this to your reading habits, You do not have to read a book. You can start with an article everyday or with any other activity.

I hope you liked it and I would love if you share with me your opinions.IMG_7389


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