How did I lose all baby weight??


Before getting pregnant with my son, I thought that losing weight and getting back in shape after the second pregnancy is kind of impossible. When i got pregnant with him, I gained 16 kilograms, which is still within the average. The problem is that I gained weight lately while breastfeeding. I was always craving something sweet, I do not know why?. so this made the challenge even harder for me.

After a year of his birth and after struggling with losing all the weight I have gained and trying all the diets possible. I have read on the internet about how going plant based can help you lose weight without starvation. At first, I was not welcoming the idea of cutting meat and chicken from my diet. But I said i will give it a try for a month and see how it turns out.

To be frank with you, I didn’t give up meat all the time. I have family and we go out at the weekends. So i was eating meat only at weekends only. So, you could say i was partially on a plant based diet. The good thing about the plant based diet is that you are not starving. You just try to substitute more fruits and vegetables in your diet with meat and chicken, and i cut sugar. I started to eat more legumes like beans and chickpeas, fruits and vegetables, that kept me feel fuller most of the day. Fruits and vegetables contain mostly water, so you feel like you have eaten more but with less calories.

Also, I downloaded on my cell phone two applications. one is a calorie tracker application, to know how many calories should i eat a day. That helped me a lot with losing weight as well and ( 7 minutes workout) application that encouraged me to work out everyday for only 7 minutes without the need to go to the gym or even struggling with finding time to workout. It is only 7 minutes at the end of the day. Just write down in the app store or play store ” 7 minutes workout” and you will find many. Download any of them. It will also show you how much calorie have you burnt after working out. So you will keep tracking the calories in and out.

Let me tell you an example of my daily diet, but i have to mention for you the calories my body needs. It differs from one person to the other based on how many calories your body needs. I am 148 cm – short yeah – and I need 1,071 calories a day. This is my daily diet, I make changes of course, but the breakfast is always the same.

Breakfast ” Usually” : A banana with three dates, 7 almonds and 3 walnuts  and a cup of coffee.( 283 calories)

Snack: Any kind of fruits, just one and mostly it is an apple ( 77 Calorie / small apple)

Lunch : It differs from one day to another but it is mainly vegetables either cooked or raw as a salad and some brown rice. ( 337 Calories)

Dinner : Fruit Salad without sugar, I get whatever fruits I have in the fridge and chop them. A bowl can make 120 calorie.

A final Snack is either a handful of nuts or home made granola bar. ( the rest of the calories i still need).

Do not forget my cup of ginger, lemon green tea every night, it makes a huge difference as i mentioned before.  I drink two or more cups a day. ( Check my Ginger, Lemon green tea drink blog). Green tea, Ginger and Lemon drink

I lost 12 kilograms in four months. I was 60 kilograms and I became 48 kilograms now.

I hope this blog can make a difference with you as well.


8 thoughts on “How did I lose all baby weight??

  1. Im still breast feeding so I have to keep my calories up, but I had such a hard time losing weight with my first one – was put on diet pills and discovered I had a thyroid issue 😕. I will have to try this method this time around… thank you for sharing!


    1. Oh! I am so sorry for that. Yes, I always have this negative feeling for pills. Try this method this time. The advantage of it is that the calories of the veggies and legumes are way less than meat and poultry. So you still can keep your calories for breastfeeding ❤️
      Good luck


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