Things I tell my kids Everyday ❤️

As I mentioned before I am a mom of two kids. My daughter is five years old and my son is two years old. Our day is full of Ups and Downs. We are angry at moments, I punish sometimes, my daughter is mad at me, I hug her, we laugh, we play…..,etc.

But i cannot skip a day without telling those things to them. The look in their eyes is unforgettable whenever they hear those things from me. They act as if they are waiting for them. Even though my son is not talking yet.


I love You

I say I Love you while looking in their eyes like 100 times a day. First thing in the morning, before she goes to school, while giving them a bath, while feeding them, In the car and the best one is after time out. I have to say I love you and give them a hug everyday.

I am proud for being your mother

For me, the time when me and my daughter are waiting for the bus and while tucking her in the bed are the best. We tell each other everything and talk alot. The most important thing that I tell her and i feel like she is waiting for it is ” I am proud of being your mother”. She always replies ” You are the best mom in the whole world”. ❤️

You are impressing me

My daughter is impressing us all the time – girls are talkative as you know- and they give an impression that they are smart (compared to her brother) 😂 . So i always say to her you are impressing me whenever she is showing me anything she has done.

You can tell me anything

I keep asking my daughter when she comes from school about her day. Asking about her friends, her teacher …. just everything. She rarely answers and i totally understand because she is just tired from school day and needs a rest. She gives herself a break and then comes and asks me “Mommy, Can i tell you something?”. No matter what i am doing, I always say ” You can tell me anything”. I want to be her best friend that listens to her all the time.

You are the best Sister

The relationship between siblings is the most important thing for me while raising my children. I want them to be kind and helpful to each others. The first year after my son’s birth was like hell. My daughter didn’t like the fact of having a baby brother. She wanted a  little sister (just like Elsa and Anna) 🙄🙄 So my job was to praise any good behavior she makes to her brother and keep mentioning how that made me feel. I always tell her whenever she does anything good to her brother ” You are the best sister anyone can have”.

Please, Thank you & Sorry

If i want my kids to say Thank you,  please and Sorry, I have to start with myself first. I am so keen to keep telling them Thank you and please whenever i ask them to do anything for me. And i always say sorry if i feel like I have hurt their feelings.

Motherhood is not an easy job. Actually, It is the hardest job on earth. Life is not full of butterflies, you will go through times where you feel like you are the worst mother ever. You will go throught terrible parenting days. But no matter how hard your day was, tell your kids those words. They love them and they love hearing it from you every now and then. Trust the moment they smile to you you will forget all about tour day ♥️

Good luck Mommies




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