My Reading Habits

IMG_7334As a mother and specifically a stay at home mother. I am insisting on keep myself informed with what is going on around me in the world. I am so keen to keep myself updated with books and articles.

Okay, as a mother of two, it is never too easy. But i am trying as much as possible to dedicate some time everyday for reading even for only 15 minutes. It turned to a habitual thing lately. I can’t skip a day without reading. I feel like my day is wasted and to be honest it really affects my mood. Reading makes me feel refreshed and energetic. It refuels my positive energy for the rest of the day.

I have made for myself some reading habits that i cannot start reading without them. I make for myself a cup of green tea – my favorite as you knew earlier- pick my pen, my highlighter, my notebook and my bookmark. I stay in my favorite corner which is just beside the bookshelf and very sunny in the morning and i start reading. I start highlighting the parts that i consider important for me and write them down in my notebook.

IMG_6788I always read out loud as if i am talking to someone and try to explain what i am reading and sometimes i start asking myself questions while reading if it makes sense for me or not πŸ€”.. weird ha??!! Well, this is how i feel like i have absorbed the information properly 😁That is the main reason i cannot hold a book in public 😊 And of course, I do not listen to music while reading because it keeps me distracted ( well, for me music has its own rituals as well).

Well, Those were my reading habits,I hope it will inspire you in any way. What about your reading habits, do you have any??!! Will be glad to know yours as well.

Talk to you soon


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