Green tea, Ginger and Lemon drink

IMG_7324For years i have been reading alot about detoxing and detox drinks. I have so many recipes but didn’t have the guts to try any. I just found it so hard mixing those ingredients together. Until i bumped into one drink that i fell in love with when i first saw it. Green tea with ginger and lemon drink. As a green tea addict – i can drink up to six cups a day – so i didn’t have any problem adding anything to it.

I started to drink this detox drink 2 weeks ago for the sake of bloating at the first place. I always suffer from indigestion and bloating no matter what i eat. I started to drink it and i felt a huge difference right away. It helped with reducing indigestion and bloating.

Apart from that, I felt that it helped in reducing my belly fat and muffin top. Green tea is know for fighting fat and increasing metabolism, so it  wasn’t a big surprise for me. What was a surprise for me was my skin!!! My skin started to be so clear and flawless. I googled to make sure if it was because of this drink or not? And i found out that Green tea and ginger together are rich in antioxidants and VitaminC which makes your skin looks perfect and prevents hair loss. I didn’t feel any difference in my hair yet, but what remarkable was my skin.

I have been drinking this drink for two weeks now. I was drinking just one cup before bed, but this week i added 2 more cups a day.

I hope you like it and find it beneficial for you too. Hope to know the results from you soon


4 thoughts on “Green tea, Ginger and Lemon drink

  1. Green tea with ginger is my go-to drink whenever I feel a cold creeping in. Had no idea it also has benefits for your skin too. Another reason to drink it more often 🙂 do you just squeeze a lemon on top or have you found a ready-made mix of all 3 ingredients?


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