Arabic Calligraphy Paintings

Another drawing escape, but this time it is not a Mandala escape as before Mandala Escape It is Arabic Calligraphy paintings. I love Arabic Calligraphy so much and I love to try drawing it every now and then. I can’t say that I am an expert, I am still learning and practicing, so it is a […]

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My Coffee Tradition

I admit that I am an almost daily visitor to Modern Coffee Bars like Starbucks or Costa. It is like a daily life savior for me to keep me going with my kids and my daily chores. I am very basic when it comes to my Coffee. I always buy a skimmed milk Café latte. […]

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“How To Be the Parent You Always Wanted To Be” Book Review

As you all know that my number one hobby is reading. Before being a mother my favorite kind of books were novels and human development related books. After having kids parenting books became my favorite readings. In this blog I will share with you a book that I have read a while ago and I […]

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Sibling’s Bond

If I am asked what is the most important thing that I care about the most with my kids other than their health and well being, I will say immediately without a second thought the bond they will have together. All I want in my life is for them to have a strong solid bond […]

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Expat’s Feelings

Being an expat made me feel like I have learnt so many life lessons more than I would have learnt throughout my entire life. Living as an expat is very challenging. It is either you try to enjoy your new lifestyle or keep yourself overwhelmed with negative feelings. You will still feel homesick, but I […]

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My Restart Button

So lately, I wasn’t that kind of a person that I know. I wasn’t myself at all. I am lazy most of the times, quickly getting tired and annoyed and wasting most of my time doing nothing. I was waking up everyday and say “Okay, Today I will do so and so and so and […]

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Miscarriage at 13 weeks 💔

I missed blogging so much, but the past three months were not easy at all. It is pretty obvious from the title what I will share with you today. I would love to share what I have been through because it wasn’t easy at all and I want to share everything I have learnt throughout […]

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