My daughter’s Lunchbox

  One of the main things that all mothers are always concerned about, is offering their kids healthy And tasty food everyday. Preparing the lunchbox everyday for a five years old picky eater girl is not an easy job at all. Not only does she get bored so easily, but sometimes she loves what her friends […]

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Nominated to Liebster Award

  I am so happy and excited for the fact that I got nominated for the Liebster Award. It is not about the award, but It was really wonderful to know that you are recognized and someone likes the content you are presenting in your blog. I was nominated by Bodgan Marincu “ Optimize my […]

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Kids on Flight

As an expat mother, you definitely know that my life involves a lot of traveling. So handling two kids on the plane is not an easy thing at all and requires lots of work and LUCK. Sometimes my kids are angels and they are pleased with whatever i give them to play with or even […]

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At the age of 10, I had Asthma and I started to take lots of medications. One of those medications was Cortisone (I do not know If it spelled right or wrong) but any how, this led to gaining lots of weight, changed the way I look and made me feel insecure. I started to […]

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Coffee Break

Finally my daughter is asleep for school, made her lunch box for tomorrow and got a Disney movie for my son ( hopefully he will let me finish). I thought about having a coffee break with you and tell you some facts about me. I am a Libra person, I was born in 1988. I […]

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